120 North 13th Street
Fort Smith, AR, 72901

Our Community

United Way of Fort Smith Area, one of the largest and oldest community-based organizations in our area has a simple way of helping people. We discover what the needs of the community are, and then gather the resources to meet those needs.

We believe that all children, families and adults in our six-county area should be safe, and able to reach their full potential. Through numerous programs and community partners, United Way provides a continuum of services that support individuals and families – from infants to seniors. That means that children and youth have the basic supports they need.

Communities – both geographic and communities of people with common histories and characteristics – are engaged, safe and thriving. It also means that adults are able to live independently and care for dependent members responsibly.


See How We Impact Our Community

The work we do through various community partnerships is:


    • Ensuring children ages 0-6 reach appropriate developmental milestones and being well prepared to start school.
    • Supporting the education, development and sense of belonging in children and youth so they become responsible and contributing adults.
    • Helping individuals and families achieve their highest attainable level of independence.
    • Making sure that individuals and families are able to meet their basic needs and have the skills necessary to attain and maintain employment to be self-sufficient.


We are committed and accountable to the communities. Through our work, we:


  • Act as a leader and convener on important issues in our communities.
  • Partner and support a network of community partners that deliver high-quality, comprehensive services to the six-county area.
  • Solicit donations to provide adequate resources so our community partners can deliver services that meet basic needs.
  • Recruit several hundred volunteers who help with the campaign and with a variety of other activities.
Follow the links below to find out how we’re impacting specific communities in the counties we serve!