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Involve Your Company

Successful United Way campaigns are a mixture of fun, enthusiasm, broad-based participation and careful planning. But the best campaigns have something else in common: a thorough understanding of the United Way of Fort Smith Area—serving western Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma.

 The United Way has posters, pledge cards, promotional items and brochures. In addition, the United Way staff can help set up presentations with volunteers or agency directors and arrange for on-site agency tours. Click here to see campaign materials.

We are looking forward to working with you. Thank you for investing in what matters. For more information on becoming a company that makes a difference in our community, please contact Mitzy Little at 479-782-1311 or click here to send a message.


What can my organization expect for our effort and participation?

Your organization will receive many opportunities for local media exposure, quarterly newsletter releases, networking opportunities and a listing in our annual recognition publication.

What is an employee campaign?
An employee campaign is a fun way to promote teamwork while supporting the community. With your help and your management’s support, we work with you to plan the best campaign possible. We will utilize leading practices that have been successful in other work place campaigns. Some of these leading practices include:

  • Enlist the Support of top management and union leadership
  • Build a strong campaign team
  • Conduct a leadership giving program
  • Educate employees about United Way services
  • Set goals and objectives for your campaign
  • Offer incentives
  • Say thank you

We’ll develop a program that will suit your workplace and your specific needs.

My organization is small. Will our donation really make a difference?
Any size company can participate in a campaign from one or two employees, to over 1,000. The key point to remember is all money raised helps over 400,000 people each year in the Fort Smith area.
I don’t have time to run a campaign. How much effort is involved?
The average campaign lasts about 1-2 weeks. The employee campaign can be run in several different ways. All that United Way asks for is the support of management and the opportunity for a UW staff member to speak briefly to your employees. This is an informational meeting that will answer any questions or address concerns employees might have. Our staff can handle a large portion of the campaign for you, leaving you time to handle your daily tasks.
How can my company help?
  • Run an employee campaign, which includes running a leadership giving program
  • Give a corporate gift or offer a corporate match of employee gifts
  • Donate a portion of proceeds from sale of items or services
  • Allow your employees to participate in our Day of Caring
  • Conduct special Events, contests and games