Lincoln Childcare Center

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1415 North 9th Street
Fort Smith, AR 72901

“Providing extensive childcare and pre-school programs focusing on children of low-income families and full-time students”
Lincoln Childcare center is the only non-profit that provides vital quality childcare to low-income families on a sliding scale.  These services are at a great need in the Fort Smith Area, where affordable childcare is often hard to find.

Our Mission:
To offer affordable childcare in a loving, safe, and healthy environment that will provide children with developmental enrichment activities to build strong self-esteem and develop character to prepare them for future successes.

“High quality childcare and early childhood education sets the stage for how well children learn, think of themselves, and interact with the world”
Research shows that high quality early childhood experiences result in better math, language, and social skills as children enter school and grow older, reducing the need for special education and later interactions with the justice system.

Lincoln Childcare Center helps fill the gap in the Fort Smith community.

Our Center:

“Early care plays a critical role in a child’s brain development.”
A positive learning environment enables children to produce brain development and positive nurturing relationships, essential for healthy social-emotional development.